Tuesday, September 21, 2010

happy mid-autumn festival

i figured i'd try and update the ole blog since i had a two day school week this week. its tuesday night and already the weekend! hooray for random chinese holidays. tomorrow marks china's mid-autumn festival where people celebrate the end of the summer harvest. its usually celebrated by indulging in mooncakes and watching the moon. however since the sky is a dusty sand color, i doubt that will be happening anytime soon. i don't know why the chinese even have a word for moon, i still have yet to see it. i will be celebrating the moon festival by camping on the great wall tomorrow night. please don't ask me how i got dragged into this seeing as i believe i have seen enough of the great wall to last me more than a lifetime.

unfortunately nothing too life changing has occurred recently. however my chinese medicine professor did inform us that the bar district we frequent every weekend is better known for picking up prostitutes and buying drugs. talk about my kinda scene. sadly more no asian pop star run-ins i think i blew that one.

i'm very excited because in 9 short days my family is coming to visit me in beijing for national holiday week! i'm so excited and i've been drafting my mom a list of stuff to bring to me which mostly consists of food and other things that are prolly illegal to bring into china. it got me thinking about the usa and how i do miss a few things. so i drafted a short list to remind me of all the stuff us ignorant americans take for granted, as well as some of the beautiful things about beijing.

happy mid-autumn festival, ya'll!

top 10 things i miss about the united states
1. toliet paper in public bathrooms
2. cars, bicycles, and police yielding to pedestrians
3. clean air
4. democracy
5. drinking tap water
6. dogs peeing on sidewalks, opposed to small children.
7. drying machines
8. law and order svu marathons
9. dunkin donuts/slurpees (they go hand in hand)
10. st. joe’s ☺

top 10 things i love about beijing
1. tipping is illegal
2. the fourteen year old drinking age
3. everything is so cheap!
4. the weird food
5. chinese candy, well some of it.
6. asian pop music everywhere
7. playing charades while trying to order food
8. asian babies everywhere
9. mcdonald’s delivery
10. the Beijing subway

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    -carly is peeing herself (like the lil chinese children on sidewalks) about the mcdonalds delivery